If you’re reading this article, then the chances are high that you know someone who recently became a proud cat owner or who already has enough felines to call home a jungle! 

Custom Cat Portrait

In this guide, we're going to suggest a range of unique gifts for cat lovers that should suit your feline loving friend to the tee!.

We’ve all seen them posting adorable videos and photos of their cats, dressing them up in hilarious costumes and attire. Why not show your appreciation for them and their love of animals with an awesome gift

Nothing will bring a smile to their face more than a gift that's unique and personalized to their love of cats!

1. Outdoor Kitty Tent

This outdoor tent is the perfect option for someone who's afraid to let their cats out, but wants them to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s a safe way to bring your indoor pet into the great outdoors, this handy little compound provides over 30 square feet of fun in the sun, plus an attached tunnel that gives them new ways to explore. It sets up easily with no tools, and it folds tightly into a convenient carry bag. 

2. Custom Cat Phone Cover

We know how much of a cat lover some of us can be (we know a few ourselves!) Why not get an awesome phone cover with a custom print of your cuddly feline friend on there too? The Snap Case makes it easy to slide your phone into a pocket or clutch. Its slim form factor and lightweight design give it a modern look. It has minimal impact on overall device size. Look at how adorable that cover looks, our hearts are melting away! 

Custom cat design

3. Fruit Inspired Cat Beds

That’s right, right out of Modern Family, you can get yourself a unique fruit cat bed! Let your pets play and rest in this fun and playful pineapple-themed bed for cats. Made from soft, cuddly cushion and fleece-quilted material, your pet will love to make this fun pet bed their special place to play, nap and relax.

ananas cat bed

4. Stylish Litter Box

This sleek and sexy cat litter box is a gorgeous stunner that comes with a magnetic suction cover to keep kitty messes cleverly hidden. The cosy, hut-like design features a round entrance for cats to enter and exit through, and opens out effortlessly for easy cleaning

litter box furniture

5. Cat Tree

All cats LOVE cat trees and hideouts.This is a great cat tree to keep your kitten entertained and relaxed all day long. From sharpening their claws to simply lying around or playing hide-and-seek, this cat tree is a must-have for your cat. 

cat tree

6. Cat Water Fountain

Those furry pets deserve to have fresh and flowing water. Very easy to assemble and your pets will take a few days to get used to it, but once they do, oh boy don;t mess with their water fountain! IYou might even be lucky to witness your cats playing with water like never before! 

amazon cat water fountain

7. Cute Cat Mug

Every cat lover needs their own office mug. Keep your cat at the office with this ultra cute coffee mug that features a cute cat face and ears. Just be careful, this mug is so cute your office mate might swipe it for themselves!

custom cet mug

8. Custom Cat Portrait

We would like to think that that best gift that you can give someone is something that is memorable, something that will last for a long time. Maybe a unique pet portrait depicting that feline as a noble gentleman or as one of the Avengers! That would certainly be a conversion starter, but more importantly to immortalize their furry friend! 

There are so many other unique gifts for cat lovers, we tried to be as practical as possible. We’d love to know what you think about the selection! Drop us a line and let us know if there’s anything that you’d like to see for a next blog!