Dog mom gifts are all about celebrating the bond between a fur mama and her fur baby, so nothing is too much. After all, she probably deserves a little reward for treating her dog kid like royalty.

If you want to get your dog-loving friend (or mom or partner) something she actually likes, we’ve pulled together these 15 perfect dog mom gifts that will bring a smile to every kind of dog mom.

1. Custom pet mothers day portrait 

We certainly like to think that the best gift that you can give a loving dog mom is something memorable, something that will last for a long time for mothers day. 

A unique pet portrait depicting that pet pup as a noble gentleman, as one of the Avengers or a simple minimalistic approach would do! That would certainly be a conversation starter, but more importantly to immortalise their furry friend! 

2. Matching Pet Accessories for the Dog Mom

Now you can match your best pet dog friend wherever you go. Show the world your special bond with a bandana for your dog and matching scrunchie for you to wear. Nothing shows more love towards your cuddly pet dog than wearing the same colours! 

3. Phone Case 

We know how much of a dog lover some of us can be (we certainly know a few ourselves!) Why not get an awesome phone cover with a custom print of your cuddly feline friend on there too for your dog mom this mothers day 2021? 

The Snap Case makes it easy to slide your phone into a pocket or clutch. It has minimal impact on overall device size. Look at how adorable that cover looks, our hearts are melting away! 

4. Hilarious Dog Lovers, "Sorry The Dog Farted" Candle

Looking for a fun gift with a touch of attitude that special dog mum? Each and every candle is 100% Soy wax infused with premium fragrance oils, to ensure an excellent scent throw that will fill any room with the perfect aroma. These candles contain no paraffin, paraben, artificial colors, or metals. 

5. Dog Mom Water Bottle

We can love our pets and also go green with these fantastic reusable, stainless steel water bottles. They're the perfect companion for those long dog walks, hikes, or just your daily hydration needs. The 360 wraparound design is the ideal way to show off the love you have for your lovable pet and also matches your everyday style. 

6. Dog Mom Mug Gift

She's proud to be a dog mom and this personalized coffee mug makes quite the statement! Express your love, adoration, and even obsession with your beloved pet! Just upload a photo, and our incredibly talented team of artists will do the rest to create a unique gift. 

7. Furbo Dog Camera

You can’t be with your pet the whole day, or can you? With the Furbo Dog Camera, you’ll be able to see, talk, and toss a treat to your pet from within your home!  You’ll never have to wonder or really leave your beloved pet alone at home anymore. Simply check out the action on your mobile phone. 

8. Dog Leash Holder

 We found these dog leash holders absolutely adorable! Not only can you have your pup’s name on this beautiful wood leash holder, so is its breed! They  offer over 200 breeds and if you have more than one dog, you can mix and match the breeds! We think this would be an ideal gift for a dog mom gift this mothers day! 

9. Pet Puzzle Dog Mom Gift

This custom pet puzzle is the perfect personalized jigsaw puzzle for any dog lover! As a customizable puzzle, it will be awesome fun to complete since the reward at the end is a picture of your beloved pooch. You can even glue it together when they're done and hang it up as art.

10. The perfect dog mom custom pillow 

This makes for a cute piece of home decor while letting everyone who enters the house know which spot is reserved for the dog. We also know that pets offer us the most loyal and unconditional love, you can now have your best friend into a huggable, cuddly pillow that you can take with you wherever you want! It's customizable with any pet's photo and name!

11. Food & Water Bowls With Silicone Mat

These dog bowls are secured with a silicone mat that sticks to the floor, so they can't be scooted around the floor or spilled. The dog lover in your life will thank you for making mealtime less messy and noisy. 

12. Pet Mom Gift Card 

For the last item, it is the best option if you really can't decide what to buy for that dog mom this mothers day? Why not send a Gift card good for any merchandise at Next Gen Paws? They’d be able to choose their own item and customise it as they please.