Saying goodbye to a pet dog is a difficult and painful experience. 

Looking around ourselves, it’s not uncommon for a family member or friend who loses someone they love, to give sympathy cards and gifts to show support. 

A pet condolence gift from you at this time shows that you get it, and that you care.

If this is the first time that you are showing your support to someone who lost their dog, not knowing where to start is understandable. You can use the below suggestions for inspiration.

1. A Custom Pet Portrait. 

Sometimes, we feel that the best way to manage the grief of the loss of a pet, is to actually celebrate the good times and to enjoy what they meant to you. A great way to relive and cherish those fond memories is with a unique, custom printed pet memorial portrait. 

2. A Pet Memorial Tree

Whether you’re looking for a more meaningful way to remember your own beloved pet after they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge or you’d like to send a tribute to a friend or family member who has lost a faithful companion, a memorial tree will help create a lasting legacy. Planting a tree in honor of any kind of pet is an enduring pet memorial gift, it could be in your garden, or in a pot plant on your terrace or balcony. 

3. Dog Memorial Jewelry

You could also opt for something that you could carry around with you that would always be close to your heart. An engraved charm with the departed pet's name can be a great way to remember your loved one.

4. Custom Printed Pet Memorial Blanket

Celebrate your best friend with a custom pet dog memorial blanket in a myriad of designs. You’ll always have them near you when you’re about to curl up to a movie, hop in bed or simply wrapped around you for comfort. Our custom printed memorial blanket is the perfect gift for yourself, family or friends to honor the loved dog pets that have passed on. We know for a fact that it has help many find peace and has enabled their memories to live on. 

5. Wooden Rainbow Bridge Memorial Figurine

This really is a special moment, a moment to cherish. Let This sweet rainbow bridge pet memorial statue console family and friends: From the moment they see the little person bending down to touch foreheads to their special pet, they’ll understand how much you care. A meaningful, unforgettable dog memorial gift.

6. Memorial Pet Mug

A dog comes to our life to teach us about love; he departs to teach us about loss. 

He was our favorite hello and also our hardest goodbye, now you can raise your mug to them everyday in their memory as you sip your coffee or tea! 

We believe that our 4-legged children walked the path to eternal life over the rainbow bridge after he left us. Don't think they are far apart. Our beloved pet is still there watching us playing with our new fur friends.

7. Pet Loss Gift Wind Chime

Let someone know you care by sending them a remembrance gift for the loss of their pet. The beautiful sound will forever remind them of their furry friend that lived, loved and cherished them the time that they were together. 

8. Best Pet Forever Pillow

This is another item that we know is a great gift to show your sympathy towards your family or friends passed pet dog. They will always remain in our hearts and they will be able to hold and cuddle up to the pillow anytime.

9. Pet Loss Sympathy Thinking Of You Care Package

The Forget Me Not Pet Box is a gift of comfort and remembrance at a time of grief after losing your beloved pet.

This box is a perfect gift to show loved ones that whilst pets are no longer by their side, they are forever in their heart.

10. A Gift Card

For the last item, it is the best option if you really can't decide what to buy for that person that has just lost their beloved pet dog or best friend?  

Why not send a Gift card good for any merchandise at Next Gen Paws?

They’d be able to choose their own item and customise is as they please in memory of their adored passed pet.  

Losing a pet is painful and grieving afterwards is entirely natural. It's an extension of saying goodbye to someone you loved, whether two-legged or four-legged. Wanting to have a pet memorial (something that reminds you of your furry pal) is an instinctual part of the mourning process.

We really hope that we’ve been able to assist you on your search and hope that you’ll also find comfort in some of the above suggestions.