We all know at least one person that loves their pet more than the world itself. They spend more time with their pets than with any other human, talking to them, play with them and most of all taking long walks with their furry friends. 

We thought that we’d list a few gifts for dog walkers in case you’re about to show them some love, because they deserve it as much as anyone else, we promise, you’ll be pawsitively pleased! 

So let’s dive right into the first one:

1. FreshStart DogiPack

This awesome DogiPack is an all-in-one functional, fashionable dog walking belt. Keep organised each time you take your dog on a stroll with a collapsible bowl, dog bags, a cell phone holder, a water bottle holder, a carabiner, and a pocket you can use for cash, treats, or ID. If you’re thinking it, yes, the collapsible bowl and Bags on Board poop bags are included.


2. Pet Pillow

Looking to lounge around after that long walk with your pet and soothing shower? Then take your comfort to new heights with our awesome pet pillow! Pets offer us the most loyal and unconditional love, you can now have your best friend into a huggable, cuddly pillow that you can take with you wherever you want! This pet memento is the perfect, most amazing gift for any dog walker!

3. Ever Beam LED Head Torch

This Ever Beam LED Head Torch is extremely useful for anyone that walks dogs when the light is not too good. It keeps the hands free to deal with leads and picking up poop. 

The light is super bright and has a 180-degree beam which will light up a big area and causes very little in the way of a shadow. 

The light is adjustable so it can be pointed in the best direction for you and it has a very low battery usage so it lasts for a long time. It is also lightweight.

4. Dog Walkers Weekly Planner

This is a fun weekly planner made especially for dog walkers. It says ‘Ultimate dog walkers weekly planner’ on the front with pictures of five dogs. 

It is a two year organiser and notebook with pages split into a mix of weekly planner and lined note paper. It is 6 x 8 inches and allows you to easily plan your week in the diary pages and then write any notes of explanation, shopping lists or other things on the other page.

5. A Unique Pet Portrait 

Deep in our hearts we still believe that the best gift for dog walkers is one that will live on forever and that we couldn’t share a list without us listing one of our very own custom pet portraits! You be amazed at the variety and the simple awesomeness of our selection! This could apply to pet walkers and so many other pet lovers, we can’t get enough of the cuteness!

These are gifts that we can guarantee that your pet friend will love. Each of these have been carefully curated and also are used by hundreds of pet lovers out there. 

They are either practical or simply adorable to have

6. DryMartine Dog Water Bottle

This is a handy dog water bottle so that you can give a dog a drink when you are out walking. It is antibacterial so it stays safe to use. It can be used with one hand if the other is occupied holding a lead. 

It even has a storage area for poop bags. It is leak proof and is operated with one button. It comes in yellow, pink, green and blue.

7. Pet First Aid Kit

This is a handy first aid kit for pets. It has over 40 items in a box. It includes a tick remover, vet wrap, syringes, bandages, dressings, tape, safety pins, CPR mask, blanket, iodine pads, rubber tourniquet, eye wash pads, carabiner, sting relief pad, scissors, gloves and lancets. It is designed so that you are able to help your pet out and give them some comfort before taking them to the vet.

8. Dog Print Umbrella

Everyone loves slippers to walk around their house, keeping their feet warm. This pair has dog paw prints all over it! 

Your dog walker is sure to appreciate a thoughtful gift from you and these gifts are a wonderful place to start! Some are so simple, yet show how thankful you are for their help and services!

9. Collapsible Dog Bowls

When you walk dogs for a living, you need to have a stash of emergency supplies. Our furry friends get tired and thirsty just like we do when exercising, and your dog walker knows this well.

Help them keep their load lite and compact by gifting them with these collapsible dog dishes.

No more lugging around regular-sized bowls! All your walker will have to do is stop, pop these bad boys open and fill them with water. Then fold ’em back up and pack ’em away til next time.

Each bowl is made from food-grade silicone and is completely dishwasher safe. There are two to a set, and a waste bag dispenser with bags is also included in your order.